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We are Back to Normal!
at Penarth Methodist Church

We are open every Sunday morning for worship at 10:30 AM.

In March 2021 PMC reopened after a long period of enforced lockdown.

The world, this country, this church had suffered under the cosh of Covid. Indeed we still do, although science and a weakening of the virus has enabled us to begin to return to normal life. We had imposed upon us: booking into services, signing in, wearing masks, sitting apart, no coffee after church, all in all a very sad and sombre time for everyone.

Well, I’m pleased to say all of these restrictions are now lifted, for instance: no mask requirements (although anyone still feeling vulnerable or uneasy should carry on wearing them); no social distancing (so no ticks to sit on); no signing in on entry into church, all three of these restrictions have already been lifted. In addition however we will no longer be expected to enter the church from the side door on Stanwell Road. The main church doors will be ‘thrown open’ again for us to be greeted with a warm welcome from one of our ‘door ladies’. The offertory will once again be taken row by row and returned for the preacher to bless. I hope too that you will stand when the preacher emerges from the vestry, a form of respect which has been followed in this Church for many years.

With the routine that we had been following for the past two years now gone, I hope that members of our congregation who have felt unable to join us will return and join in with the fellowship at PMC.


Tony Farmer


If you are still uncertain about returning to worship in the Church itself, then you are welcome to join the Service Live on Zoom.  Please check via the Recordings Tab on this site.

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